Math flowers for mommy

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This app attempts to make math appealing to girls with traditionally feminine imagery layered over simple math problems.

What you should know:

This game requires a mastery of an unusual 'tilt' control navigation that some users will find difficult.
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There really are math problems to be solved with this game—once you get past the flower-picking, bike-riding and bouquet building. Every aspect of this app is designed appeal to girls, from the “birthday bouquet for mommy” to the main character, a little girl riding her bike.

The pastel palette and feminine imagery are specifically designed to encourage girls to tackle and master math, which is good—but the femininity isn’t the biggest drawback here. The gameplay sequence requires users to virtually bike through a field, pick flowers and score points before any math equations make it onscreen, making the educational element feel like an afterthought. Despite a well-developed storyline and adorable graphics, the distractions from the math problems end up overwhelming the game. The math problems, which make up all of the learning value, aren’t well integrated into the game. Rewards are problematic too, as children earn flowers for their bouquet by successfully picking them—not by answering math equations correctly.

Additionally, gameplay requires a mastery of smart device “tilt” capability, which makes it difficult for young users. Supervised play is recommended; Math flowers for mommy requires registration and information sharing that’s age-inappropriate.

Reviewed 2013-01-10 on iPad iOS 6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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