Meet the Insects: Forest Edition

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Skills:Life Science

What we like best:

Kids can search for insect information in a variety of ways—including color; who knew that there were so many blue bugs?

What you should know:

There are so many features and buttons that navigation can get a little complicated for younger users.
Full Review:

Take a trip to the forest in this quality, informative insect app! Budding entomologists will love immersing themselves in this interactive, amazing world of bugs.

Boasting incredible high definition photography, videos of insects in their natural habitats, facts and more, Meet the Insects: Forest Edition takes a multi-media approach to properly introduce these creepy crawlies. The Insect Story section includes a great selection of videos chock-full of facts, while the Insect Encyclopedia allows little scientists to search for creatures that they come across in the wild and learn facts about their favorites. This app’s gems are in the details; the Day to Night feature lets kids change time settings in the forest, while the search options allows children to search for bugs by color, shape or name. This app also comes equipped with a first-rate observation journal where kids can log their real-world scientific discoveries, along with the time, weather and location. This virtual nature journal supports photos as well.

There are so many multimedia elements and interactive features here that budding naturalists will be motivated to keep exploring and learning for a very long time.

Reviewed 2013-01-15 on iPad iOS 6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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