MiniMod Fact or Opinion

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Grammar, Opinions, Facts, Comprehension

What we like best:

A bingo format incentivizes kids to keep tackling multiple-choice questions in order to earn chips and fill out their bingo boards.

What you should know:

A lack of variety and interactivity may not hold the interest of older kids for very long.
Full Review:

This app is easy and intuitive to use: fact or opinion? Kids will soon learn the difference with the help of this no-frills app, which focuses on mastering the distinction between the two.

Great for home or classroom use, MiniMod Fact or Opinion lacks distracting ads and other bells and whistles that could pull focus away from the task at hand. Users are prompted to choose between three reading level ranges, allowing struggling, on-point and advanced readers alike to work at their level and grow with the app. After a level is selected, kids are presented with sample text and asked to choose whether it's a fact or an opinion. Wrong answers are addressed with a pop-up encouraging them to try again. Once the correct answer is chosen, kids receive a virtual “chip” for their bingo board, and win when they get five in a row. Despite the game element, this app lacks sound and additional interactivity, which could be troublesome for auditory learners and kids who get bored quickly.

If you're hesitant to drop a pretty penny on the full-priced app, try the lite version to start—it offers several modes of play along with half the number of questions.

Teacher Features:
The multi-player mode makes this perfect for classroom use, while the score reporting allows easy tracking of a student's progress.
Reviewed 2012-09-26 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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