Monster Physics

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Problem Solving, Engineering, Physics

What we like best:

Children will need to think outside the box and employ lots of trial and error to solve problems; this game is addicting!

What you should know:

Don't let the cute presentation fool you: once past introductory levels, this game can be pretty tough for anyone, not just kids.
Full Review:

If Einstein had an iPad, this would have been his favorite app. Conduct experiments, invent machines and accomplish a slew of missions without any mess, danger or damaged property.

Simple introductory feats include building a bridge for your cute monster to drive across. Later missions require clever designs, an understanding of physics, and proper use of tools like slopes, ropes, motors, propellers and bombs. Flying through the air, creating machines, utilizing gravity and a healthy appreciation for destruction are all needed to get from level to level. The fun is in the challenge, but some may find this game too challenging. Getting through missions is no picnic, and at times seems impossible. There's a tutorial and training missions, but once you're past those, you're on your own. Help on every mission is a lot to ask of a game that provides hours of gameplay and a level of depth that you don't usually get for $1.99, but it can be frustrating nonetheless.

In terms of educational value, this game won't necessarily help improve your child's grades, but it's a problem solving wonder and just might spark a love of physics or an itch for invention. The fun presentation and customizing options add a bit of art to the mix too.

Reviewed 2012-10-10 on iPad iOS5 by David Zugnoni

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