The Monsters Family

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:The Alphabet, Counting & Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Sight Words

What we like best:

Kids can choose which different virtual playmates they’d like to go through the game with; Mom, Dad, Ella or Elliot Monster!

What you should know:

This app has a lot features, but you can’t pick and choose which skills or activities to work on—they’re presented in random order.
Full Review:

Three eyes are better than two in the “mutant” world of The Monsters Family! Little learners are invited into this kooky, brightly colored game to tackle basic skills with Mom, Dad, Ella or Elliot.

Kids choose which family member they’d like to play with, and then they’re off on a mission to master preschool basics, such as counting, colors, word recognition, patterns, shapes and matching. Each of the six different games centers on feeding Scrumpy, the family’s hideous horned (and insatiably hungry) pet. Children must count, recognize words, match shapes and more to satisfy Scrumpy’s cravings. Stuck on an activity? Don’t worry—mama monster doles out hints to help kids complete each task. This silly app offers up a richly imaginative world that kids will love, where everything is “monsterized”—trees have eyes, doughnuts grow hair and lamps have fangs. After acing an activity, players earn rewards to fill out their virtual rooms, such as comics, backpacks or a monster in a box.

Free from ads and social connectivity, this intuitive app is easy and safe for kids to operate without adult supervision. One button on the home screen leads to more app offerings from the same developer, but luckily there’s no in-app purchases featured.

Reviewed 2013-03-15 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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