Montessori Crosswords – Spelling With Phonics-Enabled Alphabet

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The app allows kids to focus on one phonetic sound—learning, for example, that both “tools” and “blue” make the “oo” sound.

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Except for the vaguely distracting—yet still pleasant—chirping bird background noises, this app has everything you could ask for in phonics fun.
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Learn phonics from the best! This is a phonics app based on Montessori's famous reading readiness methods. Kids don't need to be reading to get the full benefits of this app, yet even fairly fluent readers will benefit from the ability to focus specifically on the trickier aspects of the English language.

Children who are ready to read will benefit from sounding out letters and gradually beginning to combine them using the moveable alphabet, which repeats the phonics sound of each letter every time kids tap them. Eager early readers can solve crossword puzzles of varying lengths and complexity, using pictures for clues and tapping the empty squares to hear the phonics sound of each letter. Even advanced readers will benefit from spelling practice that concentrates on complex consonant combinations, digraphs and sneaky silent letters. One particularly pleasing feature for parents is the password-protected “parent zone,” including extensive instructions, links and resources specifically designed for parents.

The wealth of information provided is especially valuable, with many tips for how to use the app to reinforce kids' developing literary skills, as well as a thorough explanation of Montessori methods. The guide even helps parents play with their kids at each different level, describing how to introduce the game, when parental intervention may be required and when to give way to independent play.

Teacher Features:
The ideal complement to the Montessori classroom, each level of difficulty is based on the Montessori reading sequence: pink, blue, and green.
Reviewed 2012-10-10 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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