Motion Math Zoom

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Skills:Place Value, Counting & Numbers, Negative Numbers, Number Line

What we like best:

This is a seamless introduction to negative numbers that even the youngest players can grasp.

What you should know:

Despite being a solid app and a great visual representation of a number line, app itself isn’t engaging enough to keep kids entertained for long.
Full Review:

The concept of number sequence may seem simple, but can actually be a tricky idea for kids to grasp. Help your child understand place value and number lines—while building a foundation for advanced math—with Motion Math Zoom.

The app’s number line provides a great visual context for introducing negative numbers. Each level has a different animated animal—ones, tens, and hundreds—and kids must “zoom in” to see smaller numbers. Big bubbles float by with a number inside, and little learners must pop each bubble over the correct place in the number line to drop the number in the right position.

Try the free version with six levels for free, and upgrade to receive an additional 18 levels for a more in-depth look at sequencing digits. The “needle game” option adds an element of excitement for children who enjoy racing against the clock, while the simple interactivity introduces kids as young as preschool to idea of negative numbers and decimals in an age-appropriate, intuitive way. However, the sole focus on a single game—combined with the lack of additional skill sets or challenges—means children may tire of the game play more quickly than with other apps.

Teacher Features:
Understanding the number line and place values can be very tricky; using this app to complement these lessons can help children interact with (and understand) these concepts better.
Reviewed 2012-10-15 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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