Number Bonds by Thinkout

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Shapes, Patterns, Matching, Proportion, Number Concepts

What we like best:

Trying to get the adorable aliens to understand “earth-speak” is an excellent motivation for kids to keep playing.

What you should know:

Although the interface is very intuitive, the app would be improved by the addition of some written instructions for parents.
Full Review:

" I see!" This sentence is like music to the ears of parents and teachers whose small students are struggling with math concepts. Number Bonds is an engaging math app that lets budding number crunchers observe math in action as they use shape, color and proportion to power their spacecraft.

An excellent tool for visual learners and reluctant mathematicians alike, the game starts when a little spaceman encounters a blobby looking, one-eyed alien and tries to communicate with it. The spaceman speaks "math"—literally. As numbers fly out of his mouth, the alien responds with, "Huh?" This subtle but effective detail relates to a common childhood belief that math is hard to understand, like a foreign language. Kids then get to fill their rocket with fuel rods of various sizes, colors and shapes. Little learners are tasked with "abstracting" math concepts from the visual representations. Difficulty increases with success, and players earn gold stars and a happy space creature for their efforts. When your kid completes the app challenges, the alien finally “gets it” and the rocket blasts off.

Adorable, age-appropriate graphics, an easy-to-understand approach to math and the ability to track progress make this an all-around excellent app for any virtual library.

Reviewed 2013-01-24 on iPad iOS 6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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