The Oregon Trail: American Settlers

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What we like best:

Good, cheesy fun with a healthy dose of history thrown in.

What you should know:

Parents should supervise young children when they use this game. There are numerous solicitations throughout for purchases and email "push" spam.
Full Review:

Join the westward migration of Americans in the 1800's along the Oregon Trail. From Missouri to Oregon your pioneer can decide what to bring, what route to follow and much more, just as you may have done as a kid yourself!

Budding history buffs learn about the expansion of our nation while having awesome adventures along the trail. Mini-games are embedded throughout for added fun. The navigation in this app is simple and the required skill level is low. Prompts help players understand what they need to do to progress, and actions can be taken with the tap of a finger. Characters are intentionally corny and cartoonish, but the game actually tries to teach some real history. As trailblazers harvest crops, do chores and move along in a covered wagon trying to reach Oregon, they encounter genuine, and sometimes scary, situations. Pioneers can get sick and die, for example.

Ready to head West to the app store? Hold it partner. Before letting your kid loose with this game you'll want to lay down some rules of the road. Instruct your kid before he hops on the wagon train to ignore the pop-ups and requests to pay for extras. The mantra of this game is "energy (to do tasks and progress) costs money". You can earn energy by working for it or paying for it. Kids can easily get sucked into paying real money for things, or they can learn to pay their own way through their efforts. Used wisely this app can be great fun for fourth graders.

Teacher Features:
The Oregon Trail is a core fourth grade subject and teachers can use this game as a complement to the curriculum.
Reviewed 2012-10-05 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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