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Skills:Word Processing

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This Apple-friendly word processor parallels Microsoft Word. Most anybody who uses word processing software will find it easy to use.

What you should know:

Unless kids are forced to work on school projects on-the-go, this app may not be for them.
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Pages is Apple’s portable answer to Microsoft Word, allowing users to create, edit, view, organize, send and share documents on the go. For Mac users especially, this app’s seamless integration with other Apple products via the iCloud makes this a must-have for people who work anywhere out of the classroom.

In today’s wired world, students aren’t confined to a desk to get things done—this app’s got all the word processing tools that have become familiar territory: spelling and grammar check, tables and charts, shapes, spacing and alignment guides, word count, headings, bullets, layout options and 16 different document templates to choose from. Another perk? Pages connects to other apps in your library, ironing out potential hiccups in your workflow. Just by holding your finger over selected text in another app, you can quickly copy and paste it to Pages, which could be quite useful for on-the-go students with jam-packed schedules.

Other than that, this is strictly a useful, well-made word processing app that is a potential necessity for anyone—student, teacher or parent—who needs to get work done on an iPad or iPhone.

Reviewed 2012-10-03 on iPad 3 iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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