PCS Articulation Flash Cards

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Skills:Phonics, Articulation, Speech Therapy

What we like best:

Clearly written words with big letters and minimal distractions help kids practice reading skills at the same time as speaking.

What you should know:

A lack of interactive elements mean you’d get the same experience—probably cheaper—with non-digital flashcards.
Full Review:

Brightly-colored pictures and big, bold print make these articulation flashcards easy for kids to see and read aloud. Pick a letter and choose which placement (initial, medial or final) the letter should appear, or select the entire deck to view all 60 flashcards per letter.

Shuffling the pictures in each deck ensures that kids aren’t just relying on their rote memory, but there’s no option to specify the sequence of cards or only show words that a child’s struggling with. Once you choose a letter to focus on, it’s highlighted blue so little learners can easily see where the sound occurs in each word. Each word is shown onscreen and spoken to provide audio and visual reinforcement—but a record feature would allow users to compare their own pronunciation against the model for more benefits. Overall, the flashcards are clear, bright and good quality, and the app cheaper than many other speech-focused products.

Unfortunately, the app has wasted potential by leaving out interactive elements, and using uninteresting clip art, so there’s not a lot to keep kids coming back. Although you can operate this app on an iPad, there’s not much else to distinguish the experience from standard flashcards—including having to coerce children to cooperate.

Reviewed 2013-01-28 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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