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Skills:Space, Planets

What we like best:

Stunning visuals and lots of language options will inspire reluctant science learners around the globe.

What you should know:

When kids first log on they'll be asked if they want to share their location—probably safe, but parents might want to supervise young children.
Full Review:

The phrase "a window on the world" has never been truer than in this breathtaking astronomy app that lets budding astronauts wander the heavens at will. The stunning interface of Planets has been featured on various Apple commercials, and includes real-time views of the solar system, moons, stars, and more.

With the universe in the palm of their hands, little stargazers can pinch, zoom and tap their way around the galaxy; this app takes full advantage of smart device interactivity capability. Choose from Sky 2D or 3D, Infrared Sky, Radio Waves, X-Rays and many more view options. The app is GPS enabled, allowing children to track when different planets will be visible in their night sky. Sharing location information allows the app to customize the sky views to your location on earth.

Concrete information about heavenly bodies—including rising, setting and visibility times, as well as fun facts about stars, planets and constellations—is there, but not the main event. The perfect accompaniment to beginning astronomy lessons, this awe-inspiring tool will inspire a love of space in even the most reluctant science learners.

Teacher Features:
This app’s a good complement to astronomy lesson plans, and takes a map of the solar system one step further.
Reviewed 2012-10-15 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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