PopOut! The Night Before Christmas

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Phonics, Interactive Stories, Comprehension, Sight Words

What we like best:

The rich colors and bold lines make for graphics that are beyond beautiful on a tablet screen.

What you should know:

It's a seasonal app, so use may be limited to one month out of the year.
Full Review:

This electronic rendition of childhood classic, The Night Before Christmas, is full of surprises! Based on the beloved children's story by Clement Clarke Moore, this storybook app allows kids to interact with everything on the page as the story is read.

Little learners can tap and swipe their way through all the bells and whistles of an old-fashioned pop-up book, like pulling tabs and spinning wheels, but the interactive element brings the sumptuous turn-of-the-century illustrations to life. The narration can be turned on or off, while the "Read to Me" function can help with phonics, as words on the screen are highlighted in time with the narration.

However, for all the digital dazzle it packs, the real pull of this app is the striking illustrations from a rare version of the story by W.W. Denslow—and they all move, rock, jingle and speak! Don’t be surprised to find kids poking at each page over and over again, hoping there’s still more to discover. It looks just like a book, reads like a book, and even moves just like a pop-up book…but PopOut! The Night Before Christmas is somehow just a little bit more magical.

Reviewed 2012-12-10 on iPad2 iOS5 by Jody Amable

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