Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Organization, Brainstorming

What we like best:

The stunning, clean interface helps even the most disorganized kids stay on top of tasks.

What you should know:

The full price may not be right for those looking to limit their interaction to only a few “popplets,” or visual organizational boards.
Full Review:

Forget paperbound planners; organization has gone hi-tech! As kids prepare to transition to middle school, organizational skills and tools are critical to help kids stay on top of their tasks.

Help upper elementary kids stay focused and engaged with Popplet, a web-based program that allows you to transfer your popplets—visual organizational boards—to your computer. From class notes and brainstorm boards to photo albums and presentations, this app's open-ended feature can be used to build out visual representations of just about anything. Scatterbrained kids will appreciate the easy interface and stunning visual organizations of their homework, activities and deadlines. After the initial set-up, users can choose pictures from a camera roll, text, draw their own pictures and create mind-maps.

Want to write a story or start a journal? Simply download images a camera or the Internet to use in conjunction with your notes. The ability to export a popplet as a .pdf or .jpeg file allows kids to keep in contact with their teacher or to parent if they don't use an iPad in school. Try out the free version to build out a test popplet; the full version allows you to create as many as you'd like.

Teacher Features:
A simple, intuitive interface and real time collaboration makes this program ideal for classroom use.
Reviewed 2012-09-30 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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