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Fun Factor:
Skills:Addition, Prepositions, Directions

What we like best:

Critical concepts are snuck into an extremely exciting—yet non-violent—superhero game for kids.

What you should know:

This app is especially ideal for young comic book fans. Repetitive music gets tiresome, but can be easily muted without switching off any other sounds.
Full Review:

Forget Batman and Spiderman; these superheroes have nothing on Rhinomite, a flying rhinoceros with an impressive wardrobe who responds to taps and swipes that follow spatial preposition commands.

This cleverly designed game focuses on the use of a wide range of spatial prepositions to help kids fly their horned superhero. Even the placement of the words—at the top left corner of the screen—is deliberate and intended to reinforce early reading skills. The game features prepositions like above, around, below, between and through. It also gives directional commands—left and right—to caution children about obstacles and other items in Rhinomite's path. As players move their superhero through a bustling city, they earn coins to spend on a selection of superhero suits, encouraging children to practice math money concepts and express themselves creatively through outfit selection.

The game is challenging and gets harder as kids progress through the levels, which decreases the likelihood they'll get bored quickly. Despite a lack of violence often associated with comic books, the old-school graphic novel interface will appeal to both boys and girls in a wide age range, allowing the app to grow with children.

Teacher Features:
The game was designed with common core standards in mind: “Rhino coins” and costumes are valued at 10 points each, and subtraction equations are shown as children purchase items—ideal for first-graders learning to add and subtract by tens.
Reviewed 2012-09-29 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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Grade:First Grade
Topic:Reading, Math
Platform:Apple, Android
Publisher:Mrs. Judd’s Games (Android); KBooM Games (Apple)
Standards:Language Arts standards beginning at the kindergarten level include the use of frequently occurring prepositions and continue to be important over the years of one's language development Adding and subtracting in multiples of ten begins being introduced in U.S. Common Core Standards in mathematics beginning in 1st grade.