Sakura Quick Math

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Division, Multiplication, Subtraction, Addition

What we like best:

Hooray for handwriting! Kids “write” their answers, rather than choose from multiple-choice answers.

What you should know:

The fancy handwriting recognition feature is a little buggy—write big or use a stylus, or expect major frustration.
Full Review:

Need to drill basic math facts? This app works the four key operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Players can also mix things up with “random” mode.

While the design is hyper simple, it's clean and easy to use. We like how it keeps track of a child's personal best, and tempts them to try to beat their score. Players can track their improvement over time, a nice motivator. And it's possible to work in beginner, intermediate or advanced mode. We love that kids write their own answers, rather than choosing from multiple-choice options (a major rarity for math facts apps). Unfortunately, the app can have a bit of trouble recognizing a user's handwriting. Best advice? Have kids write as largely as possible, or use a stylus.

This app doesn't have some of the cool game play of others in its ilk, but that actually translates into better drilling of the basics, because play is speedy and simple. So throw out the flashcards. This app does the quizzing so you don't have to.

Teacher Features:
The app shows student progress and the length of time it took the student to complete the exercises.
Reviewed 2012-10-03 on iPad iOS6 by Vicki Windman

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