Santa's Christmas Village

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Addition, Puzzles, Spelling

What we like best:

Plenty of games and features mean your little one isn't bored with a 'one trick pony' app.

What you should know:

This app is fairly light on education and graphics, even if it does keep older kids engaged.
Full Review:

Save your airline miles—no need to travel to the North Pole for kids to get up close and personal with Saint Nick. While Santa's Christmas Village isn't the most sophisticated holiday app on the market, its features keep kids engaged in festive fun.

Each building in the village houses a different game—for a total of 17—featuring mostly variations on classics, from connect four and tic-tac-toe to Sudoku and checkers. Game pieces become whimsical holiday objects, such as ornaments, reindeer, and bells, to add a Christmas twist to each activity. Snowman Math and a holiday word search offer an educational edge, but fall short of offering a truly engaging learning experience. Cheery graphics and a ton of variety will keep kids coming back for more from now until Santa’s arrival.

When the background music is on, it's nearly impossible to hear the verbal instructions for games—switch off the Christmas tunes to help kids focus on directions. Skill levels seem a bit skewed; even on the "Easy" setting, some games are clearly better suited for older kids. Possible issues aside, the bright colors and non-denominational music choices keep kids engaged with plenty of activities in Santa's Village.

Teacher Features:
Check out some of the games that are based on school skills, like the word search and snowman math.
Reviewed 2012-12-10 on iPhone 4S iOS6 by Jae Curtis

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