Scott's Polar Trip

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The sound effects are top-notch—don’t miss the songs of the whale and the growl of the polar bears!

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The 'news and review' buttons on the home screen link to outside sites—parents should use caution.
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Brrrr … it's freezing at the North Pole, and this exceptional storybook app has stunning and vivid winter graphics that you'll be compelled to hunt down your winter coat as you read!

This charming tale of friendship and adventure follows Scott, his cat Jazz and his new friend Inook they sail a submarine through icy blue waters in the far North Sea, rescuing whales, building igloos and riding sleds in the snow. In addition to stunning graphics, Scott’s Polar Trip offers up lots of options and extra features. Beginning readers can choose to have the story narrated to them, or read along with a grown-up just like a traditional picture book. Interactive games appear throughout the story and are activated with the touch of a button. Little learners are encouraged to build an igloo, play a blanket toss game or stack ice blocks in the context of the story. Many of the pages have a small magnifying glass in the corner that you can press to get more information about a particular feature of the frozen landscape. The text comes in English, French or Spanish with two different "age levels" to choose from—one for 3- to 4-year-olds, and one for kids aged five to seven.

Unlike other interactive eBooks on the market, the ambient sound effects here really enhance the storytelling experience. Children will be so enchanted by the howling wolves, splashing oars and falling snow that they’ll want to experience this icy world over and over again.

Reviewed 2013-01-15 on iPad iOS 6.0.2 by Roberta Munoz

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