Shiny Party – Shapes & Colors

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Shapes, The Alphabet, Colors

What we like best:

The “finger painting” feature is fun and age-appropriate.

What you should know:

This app has a lot of peppy music and annoying animal sound effects throughout—fortunately, adjusting the settings can turn both off.
Full Review:

Jump into the world of Shiny Party—a manic mash-up of music, color and shapes that stars a trio of happy-go-lucky animal party planners. Kids begin by choosing between Story mode and Game mode. Both options feature Charlie the monkey, Alice the zebra and Ralph the giraffe as they go about their day baking cupcakes and sorting out presents in various shapes and colors for their big bash.

The storybook section can either be read aloud like a traditional picture book or narrated by an Australian narrator as words are highlighted onscreen. The story comes to life with interactive features and games embedded throughout that can be played or skipped as you wish. The game and story pages all highlight shape and color recognition, and are designed to reinforce early geometry and spatial skills. Most of the activities have a simple drag-and-drop puzzle interface that’s easy for chubby fingers to navigate. A few of the games have an unusual “finger-painting” type interface. Instead of just dragging a shape into place, players must color it while staying between the lines—very appealing for the youngest users!

The settings and in-app purchase sections are both “child-proofed” with adult-only access buttons. Shiny Party is a colorful and captivating app for the preschool set.

Reviewed 2013-06-06 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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