Sight Words

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What we like best:

Customizable flash cards let you type in words of your choosing and record your own pronunciation.

What you should know:

Little more than a digital flashcard app, Sight Words is more vocabulary exercise than game.
Full Review:

Kick-start pre-reading skills with Sight Words, a straightforward app that uses a “drill-and-kill” method to teach little learners Dolch sight words.

Void of any introduction or instruction, the basic interface opens by taking users straight to sight word flash cards. Each card features a corresponding verbal pronunciation, offering a critical component for helping children (especially auditory learners) remember which word is which. Scroll left or right to move through a predetermined list of words, or mix up the process by pulling cards at random. If a little learner gets stuck on a word, simply star the card for later practice. This rote memorization approach is good, but the real star of this app is the “edit” button, found in the settings menu. Once children have mastered the pre-loaded content—or they have another group of words to work on—they can create new words (and record pronunciations) to study for a customized learning experience.

This no-frills learning approach is a good way to memorize sight words, but lacks qualities, such as words in sentence or story form, that would make this app engaging and appealing to kids. Still, the lack of bells and whistles make for undistracted study time that many parents and teachers would be grateful for.

Teacher Features:
Customizable lists allow teachers to drill just the words their students struggle with.
Reviewed 2013-01-23 on Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 by Meg Butler

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