Slice It! Begins

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Shapes, Fractions & Decimals, Geometry

What we like best:

Great visual introduction to geometry and logic. The touch controls are intuitive and fun to use.

What you should know:

Pop-up ads and annoying prompts to "like” the app on Facebook, share information and buy stuff is constant and distracting.
Full Review:

Slice it, dice it—it's as easy as pie, cake or any other shape you can imagine! This charming and addictive app introduces basic geometric concepts in a dynamic visual and tactile interface that kids will like.

Start by slicing up circles, squares and other shapes into halves, thirds and other fractions. The shapes are drawn on a grid and the early levels are fun and simple in concept, but harder than they look to get right—precise slicing is required. The levels, called "episodes,” increase in difficulty and can get quite challenging. As kids progress, the puzzle pieces and slicing instructions get more complicated—fortunately players can earn hints and practice at any level until they become proficient. The emphasis on accuracy in cutting up the shapes sharpens fine motor and visual skills.

Kids can handle the game without much parental guidance since the instructions are pretty straightforward and there are plenty of help and hint buttons. However, this free version has pop-ups urging kids to buy other apps and share info are all over the place. Talk with children before purchasing the app and go over these issues to ensure stress-free play for everyone.

Reviewed 2012-09-29 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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Price:Free – $0.99
Grade:Third Grade
Platform:Apple, Android
Publisher:Com2uS Inc.
Standards:Geometry: Reason with shapes and their attributes