Spanish Class

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Vocabulary, Foreign Language, Pronunciation, Spanish

What we like best:

The range of learning materials offered up makes this language app a real bang for its buck.

What you should know:

This app’s not beginner-friendly—you'll need some basic knowledge of Spanish before you can make 'cabezas o colas' of it.
Full Review:

This Spanish Class isn’t your typical foray into foreign language. Instead of a virtual teacher, this app provides study materials for truly dedicated estudiantes looking to improve their Spanish skills. This comprehensive app boasts over 400 vocabulary words, 200 phrases, 40 grammar articles and all of tense conjugations of over 100 verbs—all of which you can click to hear the word or phrase being spoken.

While kids are motivated to finish interactive quizzes with a rewards system integrated into the game, even virtual prizes aren’t enough to make Spanish Class feel like anything but studying. Despite lacking in fun factor, this app does offer a range of exercises to keep little learners on their toes. There are a few hiccups in the listening and speaking sections—during some of the longer phrases, the microphone pop-up partially blocks the lower sentences, and it can also be difficult for the app to “hear” the entire sentence. However, immediate feedback plus progress tracking helps parents and teachers zero in on problem areas that need more practice.

Another bonus? While the full version includes all bells and whistles, the free version’s offering is pretty impressive, with 20 verb conjugations, 500 vocabulary words and 100 useful phrases.

Teacher Features:
Teachers can customize the interactive quizzes for specific exercises, word categories, verb tenses and types of grammar.
Reviewed 2013-01-18 on Samsung Galaxy Tab Android 2.3.5 by Maria Scinto

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