Spanish Word Wizard

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Punctuation, Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Pronunciation

What we like best:

The app's “spoken aloud” feature allows kids to hear misspelled words spoken aloud, showing why accents are important and when correct placement is necessary.

What you should know:

Sound is important—it's the cornerstone of the app—so this isn't suitable if you're searching for a silent activity. Choose the profanity remover in the “more settings” menu to ensure kids won't hear more than you bargained for!
Full Review:

Dubbed the Spanish-language “Speak n' Spell of the iPad generation” by the New York Times, this excellent app tests kids' Spanish knowledge with 1,500 spelling tests and questions corresponding to the 1,000 pre-loaded words.

Spanish Word Wizard features a moveable, talking alphabet, which allows young language learners to create their own words and sentences, spoken aloud as they write. Hearing the word read aloud lets little learners self-correct as necessary, enabling independent spelling and encouraging good grammar habits such as punctuation and appropriate spacing. Word lists are categorized both by high frequency words and by common categories such as animals and numbers. The app is fully immersive, but the menu selections are available in English if you're not fluent.

This language app boasts a brightly colored backdrop, a burst of confetti-like images when a word's spelled correctly and nature sounds in lieu of over stimulating animation and music. Voice controls allow you to adjust the accent, speed and tone to make language practice more enjoyable for kids. Check out the English version, or branch out with German and French—they all have the same high quality features that make this app well worth the money

Teacher Features:
One thousand palabras más frecuentes—high frequency words—come pre-loaded, meaning the app provides your language immersion classroom with grade-appropriate material and spelling tests from kindergarten through third grade. You can even add your own words to create customized word lists.
Reviewed 2012-10-01 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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