Spelling Space: 1st Grade

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Skills:Sight Words, Spelling, n/a

What we like best:

This app comes pre-populated with 300 high frequency first grade words divided into 30 different lists, giving you enough material to practice popular spelling words throughout the school year.

What you should know:

There's no option to add your own spelling words, which prevents this app to be directly applicable to spelling words a child's studying in school.
Full Review:

Asteroids, attack! Avoid hours of rote memorization and flashcards with Spelling Space: 1st Grade, which helps kids hone spelling and proper typing skills.

Using a standard QWERTY keyboard, this app allows kids to test their spelling skills using a library of more than 300 first grade high-frequency words. After successfully learning words, children are rewarded with asteroids, which they can fire at spaceships flying by. This space-themed shoot-and-point game offers children a brief mental break from memorizing spelling words, and incentivizes them to keep studying until all words on a list are mastered. Choose from having kids practice the whole list or focusing on only the words they struggle with. Reports and grades are issued for each spelling list, so it's easy to track how kids are progressing with the program.

The format doesn't vary as children work through lists of words, which could lead to a drop-off in interest. However, considering the fact that this app offers an engaging, interactive way to practice 300 popular first grade words, it's worth it to fork over a dollar to help children struggling with spelling.

Teacher Features:
The game play functions can be deactivated for a purely educational experience, and the word lists can be customized for each account, so students can study specific lists designed for their individual abilities.
Reviewed 2012-09-29 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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