Spelling Space - 5th Grade

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Skills:Spelling, Vocabulary,

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This app's effective, easy to use and has an appealing interface.

What you should know:

There aren’t a lot of space-themed fireworks or extras—functionality is limited to spelling lists.
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Introduce your kid to the newest spelling tutor: a green alien in space! The aliens help students work through word lists geared to the fifth grade level with a wide range of difficulty levels. Your kid is the captain of a ship traveling through deep space and quizzes are controlled from the main deck.

The navigation is easy to use and the atmosphere is sufficiently space-like to keep kids entertained as they practice. The words are spoken out loud by the narrator in a clear and precise voice, and words can be repeated at the touch of a button. Spellers have all the time they need to spell their way through the lists. Wrong answers are not penalized, but frequently misspelled words are placed on the "difficult" word list for extra practice. This app is user-friendly and low-stress—kids don't crash or get attacked by space monsters if they spell words wrong.

The word lists are long and comprehensive, and there are multiple levels of difficulty to challenge quick learners. Power bars keep track of progress. Quiet enough for classroom use, this app can be used by one student or several. The tool supports multiple player profiles, and high scores can be saved for competing against friends and classmates.

Reviewed 2012-10-14 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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