Spelling Space – 3rd Grade

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Spelling, Sight Words, Typing, Word Recognition

What we like best:

The super cute interface, easy controls and visual record of the student's progress make this a fun way to practice spelling.

What you should know:

You'll have no trouble introducing this app to kids who are intrigued by aliens or outer space.
Full Review:

How do you make spelling more appealing? Try spelling in space with a green alien as a guide! Kids create an account geared to their level and add lists of words to practice.

The words are spoken out loud very clearly and precisely, allowing children to type out the word on a standard keyboard—standard, that is, for a keyboard that's floating in outer space! Wrong spellings are not penalized—your space boy or girl simply has to try again later. All navigation is done via controls on the spaceship-themed main interface, and a spooky space soundtrack plays throughout. Kids will stay motivated as they track their progress on the power bar that underlines each word—it goes from red to green as the words are learned. The app keeps track of frequently misspelled words for playback. This interface has a high fun factor and kids will get hooked on the tumbling asteroids that carry instructions and the swirling star field that they travel through.

It's a cut above—way above—traditional spelling flash cards. The instructions and navigation are easy so kids can blast off on their own with minimal parental help. The app supports multiple accounts so that more than one child can use it.

Reviewed 2012-09-29 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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