The ABC Song

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:The Alphabet, Matching, Letter Recognition

What we like best:

Bursting bubbles is always a preschooler favorite, so the bubble pop game—where kids race to pop all the bubbles and free the letters inside—is engaging and enjoyable.

What you should know:

The typewriter game isn’t super satisfying, because the letters float away before preschoolers can type the next letter.
Full Review:

Tired of the same old alphabet flashcards? Try a different approach with The ABC Song app. Like the name implies, the app contains a cheerful version of the alphabet song children will enjoy.

But the song is just one of nine different educational games geared toward the preschool set. Try an alphabet version of the classic memory match game, or floating bubbles, where three different letters float inside bubbles, then toddlers try to pop the bubble with the correct letter inside. In another game, preschoolers practice puzzle building skills to create a picture of an animal, as well as the letter it begins with. In a revamped version of connect the dots, toddlers trace letter shapes to learn how to write all the letters of the alphabet.

The app itself is free, and you’ll get to try a limited version of each individual game. But if you want to get the full experience, you’ll need to select from one of the in-app purchase options. The games are fairly well executed, though the pace of some might be overwhelming for little fingers.

Reviewed 2012-10-13 on iPad iOS6 by Tia Benjamin

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