Toca Robot Lab

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Fine Motor Skills, Creativity

What we like best:

Crystal-clear graphics and realistic 'construction' sounds add a boost of whimsy as your robot is assembled.

What you should know:

The various robot parts look great but they all have the same function—more variety would be nice.
Full Review:

Your design has been approved! Tiny techies can test their construction skills and stretch their imaginations with this robot-building app.

To play, your little engineer can pick from a variety of rusty parts and funky scrap metal faces and drag them into the cardboard design box. Mix it up with a lamp face and add an old fan for a hand—or recycle old pipes or airplane parts for legs. The parts are screwed together with some very satisfying sound effects. When the weird creature is complete, it's time for quality control! Drag the crazy creation through a maze until the robot meets the giant magnet that takes the finished product away. The reward for completing the maze is a stamp of approval from the factory! The endless combinations of junk yard parts encourage creativity. The maze, though quite simple, is fun and reinforces fine motor skills.

The interface is very realistic-looking and engaging. Controls are simple enough for young children to use without much parental supervision, but there's a separate section for parents to read if they want to use the app with their children.

Reviewed 2012-12-03 on iPad mini iOS6 by Roberta Munoz

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