TooTooNi! for Toddlers and Kids

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Puzzles, Memory Games, Creativity, Writing, Logic, Counting

What we like best:

Cute graphics and engaging gameplay mean kids will be engrossed for hours.

What you should know:

The home screen features a link to the Google Play store; parents should supervise play.
Full Review:

From dot-to-dot counting and shapes to writing and virtual puzzles, TooTooNi! for Toddlers and Kids has something for every little learner. Boasting ten mini-games, this app is a virtual Swiss army knife of entertaining activities for children.

The app opens to an intuitive menu screen, where kids are prompted to choose which game they’d like to tackle from an array of game screenshots. Both “Connect the Dots” and “Building Blocks” help little learners become familiar with age-appropriate math concepts such as counting, shape recognition and shape manipulation to create tangrams. Creativity skills are honed in “Blackboard” and “Finger Paint,” where budding artists are given a blank virtual chalkboard and coloring pages to express themselves with. The brightly colored primary palette used throughout the app is perfect for the preschool set, while kid-friendly noises and variety keep children engaged in activities for hours.

While the simple interface is easy for little fingers to navigate, adults should supervise play—there’s a button on the home screen that takes kids to the Google Play store. Despite this drawback, this app is worth the supervision it requires; between the variety of games offered and range of skills worked on, TooTooNi! is an excellent addition for any family’s virtual library.

Teacher Features:
The blackboard is great for handwriting practice.
Reviewed 2013-01-05 on Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 by Meg Butler

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