Tracing ABC

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Star animation makes practicing penmanship, letters and numbers enjoyable for little ones.

What you should know:

The “more” section directs kids to the Google Play store if they can answer the simple math problem that functions as a child lock.
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Give your child a head start to academic success with Tracing ABC, an app that makes perfect penmanship attainable for the littlest learners. Combining engaging “shooting star” animation with simple templates and a friendly child narrator, this app makes the boring task of tracing come alive and appeal to the preschool and kindergarten sets.

In easy mode, budding writers work through collections of upper- and lowercase letters, tracing each (with the help of guiding rainbow stars) in alphabetical order. Once each letter is complete, children are cheered on and the letter recognition and sound skills are reinforced with a corresponding word and image—for example, an alligator after the letter A. Once little learners have mastered simple tracing, it’s on to hard mode, where they’re challenged to be more precise with their writing. A chalk outline helps parents and teachers see how accurate a child’s tracing skills are.

Alphabet tracing is excellent, but Tracing ABC doesn’t stop there—age-appropriate words from a sizable list, numbers and shapes can also be worked on with the virtual blackboard. Bilingual learners also have the option of practicing their Spanish! Numbers, shapes, letters, lively animations and a kid-friendly interface make this app an entertaining, educational option any kid will love.

Teacher Features:
Switch to ”hard” for chalk outlines that track students’ tracing proficiency.
Reviewed 2013-01-23 on Galaxy S3 Android 4.2 by Meg Butler

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