Trash Chaos – Best Kids Recycling App

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Skills:Community & Cultures, Social Responsibility, Recycling, Eco-Awareness

What we like best:

Recycling apps are rare; this game teaches important eco-awareness skills with engaging gameplay.

What you should know:

The first time kids log on, they are prompted to register and enter an email—there's an option to skip this and play as a guest.
Full Review:

The evil queen is using the planet as a junkyard, and it’s up to the EcoFriends YoGome squad—and budding environmentalists—to save the earth. Trash Chaos teaches social responsibility and the benefits of recycling with interactive gameplay; kids clean up trash by sweeping the garbage into the right recycling bin—plastic or organic—with their fingers.

Success lets little conservationists move up to more complicated tasks like picking up litter while battling the "Ignarus"—evil beings that attack players, and the earth, with trash. Be sure to keep up the pace; kids need to be quick to escape being buried in plastic or garbage. Earth-tidying activities are interspersed with facts about the environment that teach children about ecology and give hints on how to help. Defeating the evil trash-spewing creatures is tricky and requires both hands, similar to a traditional point and shoot video game.

Overall, the lessons on ecology, recycling and the environment are well done and the game is very engaging for little learners. Rewards given for guarding the earth include weapons, and eco-irresponsible enemies need to be shot down to progress to the next level—the violence is mild, but may not sit well with some.

Reviewed 2012-10-15 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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