Vocabulary Builder Grade 3

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Sight Words, Vocabulary, Rote Memorization

What we like best:

The app features a clean and uncluttered interface and inoffensive background noise.

What you should know:

Navigation through the app can be tricky, since the interface isn't intuitive and there aren't any instructions on how to move through screens.
Full Review:

Kickstart rote learning with this no-frills flashcard app, featuring a tech-enhanced version of flash cards for memorizing vocabulary with extra interaction.

Third-grade appropriate vocabulary is practiced, along with useful sample sentences that illustrate word meanings, parts of speech and words with similar meanings. Narration is also included for each word that is introduced, which helps children focus on phonics. While boasting helpful vocabulary features, this app isn't intuitive, and launches with only a single introductory screen that has no instructions. This would be fine for a utilitarian flash card tool except that changing screens requires you to swipe in a particular spot and in a particular direction to move on to a new word. Tapping the screen causes the word to repeat or the screen to return to the previous word. Younger children will likely grow frustrated long before they figure out this invisible navigation, so the app is best used with a parent present.

The graphics are pleasant with a nice "page turning" effect as you move from card to card, but a lack of fun, engaging elements make this app feel just like studying—meaning kids won't be begging to use it during downtime.

Reviewed 2012-09-29 on iPhone iOS5 by Roberta Munoz

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