WH Question Cards

Educational Value:
Fun Factor:
Skills:Phonics, 'Wh' Questions, Articulation, Speech Therapy

What we like best:

Multiplayer games allow kids to engage in friendly competition while practicing asking and answering techniques.

What you should know:

Some of the questions contain complex concepts that may be too tricky for young kids—but the pictures on each card will give away the answers to older children.
Full Review:

Kick-start speech practice—and a customizable, friendly competition—with this question-focused app. Boasting game-based play and four different activity modes, WH Question Cards has something that appeals to most every kid.

Select players, and then take turns answering questions, figuring out what to ask for the answer that’s shown, or matching cards. Children enjoy using the “super duper secret decoder tool” to check their answers in multiple-choice mode. While brightly colored cartoon characters are visually appealing to young kids, there are times when a difficult question seems disconnected from the simple graphics. The comprehensive settings menu allows you to customize the game to enable auto reading of over 280 cards for pre-readers, or to give feedback for incorrect answers. While the game’s sound effects aren’t overly intrusive, you can elect to turn them off altogether, improving the experience for little learners who are sensitive to distractions.

Aside from “matching” mode, the rest of the app is strictly business—without rewards or additional games—which could leave kids feeling unmotivated to finish. To use the app for one-on-one speech therapy, turn off the answers to encourage kids to say each answer aloud. Even in this mode, you can easily report children’s correct responses manually for tracking purposes later.

Teacher Features:
Set up personal accounts for each child to easily track scores and error percentages for each student. In addition, this app allows you to track responses by game, so you can see which games are easy across the board, and which are more difficult for the class as a whole.
Reviewed 2013-01-21 on iPad iOS5 by Tia Benjamin

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