Word SLapPs Vocabulary

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Skills:Vocabulary, Object Recognition, Animals, Colors

What we like best:

Users can create their own vocabulary games by adding images and audio for a customized learning experience.

What you should know:

There is no text—anywhere—in the pre-loaded categories; instructions claim that you can add text with your own images, but it’s tricky.
Full Review:

Word SLapPs Vocabulary is a great academic tool designed using the principles of “discrete trial teaching,” a method of instruction that breaks down learning into simple steps. This app works primarily on receptive vocabulary, or word recognition based on sight or sound.

Here, the absence of text means kids must rely solely on hearing each word, and finding the corresponding image. Pre-loaded flash cards focus on basic animals and colors. While good for non-readers, this image/sound correspondence isn’t very helpful for pre-literacy practice with the alphabet and basic sight words. However, the ability to create custom flashcards with uploaded images, recorded voice-overs and video make this app a truly flexible learning tool. This option allows teachers and parents to zero in on specific skills to practice for an individualized learning experience. From children on the autism spectrum and kids with special needs to preschoolers looking to jump-start their at-home education, this customizable tool is a great option all kinds of supplemental learning.

Players can choose from backdrops and themes to further personalize practice, while Dropbox integration allows parents and educators to share custom lessons with others. While flipping through flashcards isn’t inherently fun, adults will appreciate the options here that make for a personalized learning experience.

Reviewed 2013-03-19 on iPad mini iOS 6.0.1 by Roberta Munoz

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