Does Your Product Deserve Recognition?

Throughout the year we review thousands of products and publish three roundups of toys, games, and books. Then we take everything we've seen in the last 12 months and chose the best of the best for our A+ Award.


When our team of teachers, parents, and kids put products to the test, they take into account three main attributes:


Our reviews are grade-specific. Therefore, each product’s learning outcome is tied to a particular piece of curriculum, whether that be fine-motor skills in preschool, probability in fourth grade, or creative writing skills for high school. We also consider products that work on “whole child” learning concepts, such as confidence, sharing, or physical fitness.


We seek out products that have been tested for lead and phthalates, or those made of natural materials. We look for products that are developmentally appropriate for children, and skip over toys that promote aggression or violence.


The educational and developmental benefits are important, but they'll only happen if the product is fun, and by that we mean:

  • it engages the imagination.
  • it challenges a child without frustrating him.
  • it inspires a healthy amount of competitive spirit.
  • it has repeat play value.
  • the game is complex enough so that it grows with the child as his abilities improve.
  • it sparks creativity.

How to Submit

Send sample products & review copies to: c/o Editorial
2317 Broadway, Suite 240
Redwood City, CA 94063

Please be sure to read our submission guidelines before mailing your product.

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Are You an A+ Award Winner?

Congratulations and thank you for making such a great product for kids. Several A+ Award recipients have placed the seal on their products and marketing materials. E-mail us at for guidelines how to put the seal on your website or product.

Call for Entries & Announcements

Here are the submission deadlines for our product roundups.

Green Gifts Roundup

Submission deadline - March 14, 2011
Review published - April 4, 2011

A selection of toys, games and books for preschool and elementary school children, made with the environment in mind.

Summer Reading Roundup

Submission deadline - March 21, 2011
Review published - May 2, 2011

A list of recommended titles to keep kids age preschool through high school engrossed in books over the summer months.

Holiday Gift Guide

Submission deadline - May 30, 2011
Review published - November 7, 2011

A selection of safe, fun and educational products, including toys, games, and books, for kids ages preschool through grade 12. This list is a great help over the holiday season, or anytime that the perfect gift is in order.

Benefits for A+ Award Winners Coverage

A+ Award products are featured on a page designed especially for winners. They are also included in’s Gift Guide stamped with the A+ Award seal of approval, and visited by more then a million parents a month.

Media Coverage

When the new A+ Awards are announced, winning products will be announced in an press release sent out to print and online media organizations.

Use of the Seal

A+ Award winners can use the seal of A+ Award on their site, on their marketing materials, or on the product itself free of charge. For more information on how to use the seal for this purpose e-mail us at

Submission Guidelines

There is no charge to be considered for an A+ Award. We do however require a review copy or sample of your product so we can try it out. Some guidelines to keep in mind:


Please adhere to the specific deadlines listed in the Call for Entries Calendar above. Products received after the deadline will not be considered.


Please be sure to review our requirements above before submitting. Products that don’t meet our guidelines for being safe, fun, and educational will not be considered.

Product Images and Information

Please send JPEGs and other marketing materials via e-mail, rather than including hard copies in the shipment. When you mail the sample, please send an e-mail to letting us know when we can expect the package. Please also include: a JPEG image of the product, a summary of the product's educational benefits, a suggested grade (rather than an age range), and, when appropriate, a brief description of game play.

Mailing Address

Sample products and review copies can be mailed to: c/o Editorial
2317 Broadway, Suite 240
Redwood City, CA 94063

Be sure to include the name of the review you would like this product to be considered for on the label, i.e. “Holiday Gift Guide Samples” or “Summer Reading Roundup”.

Return Policy

We don’t return products with a retail price under $200. Products over $200 will only be returned if there is a pre-paid return shipping label included in the package. Once the product samples have been reviewed, we donate them to several non-profit organizations in our area, including the public library, the Boys and Girls Club, and a shelter for single moms. Please note that products will have been extensively used prior to return.

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