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Spanky panky

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Since joining the staff of as an editorial assistant and staff writer, I’ve found out a lot about the wide world of education in this country. I’ve written about what kids are and aren’t learning in Sex Ed class, whether standardized testing is hurting our students, and the debate over extending the school day. (To be fair, I’ve also extolled the virtues of roller coasters and outlined how to throw a medieval birthday party: the stuff of journalistic dreams). But in my most recent article, I found something out that I would never, ever have guessed: remember how misbehaving children used to get paddled by school administrators, oh, mid-century or so? It’s still legal in over twenty states.

Yep, that’s right. Somewhere in our great nation an assistant principal is rolling up his sleeves and preparing to take aim at some child’s rear end with a wooden paddle or the deceptively soft palm of his bare hand. Does the image surprise you, disgust you, or give you the vague satisfaction of knowing that justice is being done? (more…)

The running of the moms – school supply insanity

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

My name is Kat and I’m charged with community management here at A fabulous part time job that gives me some time away from my little darlings while doing something that I think will make a real difference in the world. Most mornings I get to work a few minutes late, slightly frazzled, craving coffee, and sputtering to whoever will listen about my latest adventure as a mom of two boys who are faster and funnier than I am. Yesterday my boss “asked” if I’d share some of these adventures with visitors. So here goes…

Last week I received my son’s 1st grade supply list in the mail. I stuck it in my bag without much thought. A few days later we were off to Target. With a full two and a half weeks to go before first day festivities, I felt like the most ahead-of-the-game-mom on the planet.
As I pulled the list out of my bag it magically transformed from a regular sheet of paper to Santa’s scroll. Twenty-four items! I took a deep breath and headed toward the giant “Back To School” sign in the back corner of the store. The scene when we arrived looked like something out of Spain’s annual running of the bulls. Total chaos….hundreds of moms, each with her own Santa scroll, elbows flying, kids crying….yikes. (more…)