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Congratulations to our 2009 Summer Activities Challenge Winners!

Friday, September 18th, 2009

As I’ve posted before, I’m having a little bit of a hard time saying goodbye to summer.  Thank goodness, my job here at has put a little “happily” in the ever after of summer.  As you hopefully know, this summer we held our first ever Summer Activities Challenge.  In this summer long contest, we challenged families to do at least 20 different activities together.  Those who completed the Challenge earned a personalized Certificate of Achievement and were entered to win one of 100 LEGO Creator Mini Sets or a new Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook.

We were SO excited about the results!  We had over 2,000 families join us in the challenge.  Many of them wrote to us to tell us about their experiences and said things like:

  • My grandkids and I have had more fun doing projects from your site.  They are 4, 2 1/2 and 2 years old.  The ideas I got from you brought so much fun for us, helped the kids learn so many things and brought us all closer.  Thank You So Much!  It made our summer!
  • I just wanted you to know I was so pleased I came across your web-site this was so great-I had to work this summer but it gave us a chance to do things together that did not take a lot of time for the most part and even my 19 year old got into the act and helped her brother.  I have you bookmarked can not wait for next summers’ activities GREAT JOB!
  • Many thanks for all the summer fun. I’ve been telling all my friends about your great site.
  • I enjoy your [Summer Activities Challenge ] e-mails so much.  I use your ideas many times each week.  They come in handy when we get tired of playing and need something new to do.  Keep up the good work.  Very much appreciated.
  • We had a terrific and active summer thanks to’s Summer Activity Challenge!!!

And now I have the GREAT honor of announcing the grand prize winner of this year’s Summer Activities Challenge – Tamara Schoch!  Congratulations Tamara!  We hope you and your family enjoy the new laptop…and don’t forget to add to your ‘favorites’ list! ;-)    Congratulations too to the 100 families who won Lego sets and to ALL families who participated, avoided the summer slide, and had fun learning together.  We can’t wait to see you all again for next year’s Summer Challenge!  And stay tuned to our site – a new Activities Photo Contest will be announced soon!


So long Summer-Me

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
I don’t know about you all, but I’m in denial about summer being over. 

It’s not the season of summer I miss exactly.

Ice Cream for Lunch...again.  I love summer.

Ice Cream for Lunch...again. I love summer.

 It’s “Summer-Me” -the mom I am all summer – that I’m sad to see go.  Summer-Me is fun and laid back.  She stays snuggled in bed for a long time in the morning with munchkins excited to tell her every second of last night’s dreams.  She allows ice cream for dinner, camping in the living room, and staying in PJs all day.  Summer-Me cares not about bedtimes or schedules or even exactly how many times a day her children’s teeth get brushed.

Summer campout in the living room - on a (gasp) weeknight!

Summer campout in the living room - on a (gasp) weeknight!

But Summer-Me is gone now and in her place is a more structured and stressed mommy called…oh, I don’t know…”School-Year-Me.” (See? Even her name isn’t as pleasant as “Summer-Me”).  Anyway, School-Year-Me looks down her nose at morning snuggle sessions and can say “Hurry! We’re Late!” fifty times in the amount of time it takes a four year old to remember a dream out loud.  School-Year-Me is a slave to her iPhone calendar with its multiple entries every afternoon for soccer practice, cub-scout meetings, PTA events, and homework time.  School-Year-Me counts vegetable servings and minutes until bedtime.  And she knows exactly how many times a day her children’s teeth get brushed.

So, I’m going to allow myself a few minutes to sit here and mourn the loss of Summer-Me but then, I’ve got to get moving…my iPhone says we’ve got gymnastics this afternoon and those spelling words aren’t gonna learn themselves for Whiz’s test tomorrow’s.

Happy Fall!