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The Run-Up to Christmas

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

‘Twas the run-up to Christmas, and in one room of the house,
Your child was gaming and clicking his mouse.
The holidays mean lots of free time from school,
Time for parties, pjs, and Playstation 2.

Now, the joy of the season should not be dismissed.
Though tough tests and standards get us all in a twist.
There should be bright lights, fun movies, and late nights with family.
And time to give presents, laugh loud, and eat merrily.

But, perhaps there’s a way to make learning bright, too.
To prevent holiday brain drain from happening to you.
See kids are just at that point in the year,
When learning begins to kick into high gear.

You can keep learning going without them even knowing.
Without your child even thinking that his fun is slowing.
Try these Christmas Activities—tied to learning objectives,
Like writing a poem about a reindeer rejected.

Don’t miss Kids Christmas Crafts—for fine motor skills—
Like this Tube Sock Snowman, for when nights get chill.
Want to save money on presents this year?
Homemade Christmas Gifts
just seem more sincere.

Even décor can be done on the cheap.
And be done in a way that makes learning run deep.
Check out these Homemade Christmas Decorations.
Tree ornaments sure to impress your relations.

And for families that celebrate Hanukkah, too,
Or for families who want to share something new,
Try a Maccabee shield, or some apricot gelt,
Or a Hanukkah gift bag made out of felt.

When the holidays are about to close shop for the season.
When kids get tired of their gifts for some reason.
We’ve got one more for auld lang syne.
Some tricks to make New Year’s Eve divine.

Homemade noisemakers and a sparkly hat,
And some resolutions that will not fall flat.
Fun and learning for kids, peace for Dad and Mom
Happy Holidays from us at