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Mommy and the tramp

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Recently I was at the front door of a gal pal of Speed’s telling the girl’s mom about the great play date they’d enjoyed that afternoon.  ”They played for hours on the trampoline,” I said.  ”She should sleep well tonight!”

[insert long awkward silence here]

“Oh.” said the mom.  ”You have a trampoline.  My kids would love one but they’re so…..” her voice trailed off into another awkward silence.

A bad mommy's trampoline- No nets, two kids jumping at once & accessible springs...scary!

“Dangerous?” I said bravely.

“Yes…from what I hear” said the other mom.

And with that, a line was drawn in the sand – “Good Mommy” on one side and “Bad Mommy” on the other.  It was clear that this was my opportunity to explain myself and the next words I uttered would forever place me on one side of the line or the other in this woman’s mind.

I inhaled in preparation for the smart and redemptive explanation I would give but as I exhaled, the words that came out were “Ok!  Well, see you tomorrow at drop off!  She was a gem…SUCH amazing manners!”  And I beat a hasty retreat back to the car.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity it provides to take mulligans on my toughest mom moments.  So, please join me as I take another deep breath and help myself to a fantasy do-over.  Here’s what I would say: (more…)

What’s your school’s Walk Score?

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

We’re excited to announce that the Walk Score for all schools in the country is now included in our SchoolFinder resource.  A Walk Score allows parents to learn how walkable their school and surrounding neighborhood is, making walkability now part of the school decision process.

Walk Score aims to promote walkable neighborhoods to combat climate change, improve health, and strengthen communities.  As the latest Walk Score blog explains, fewer and fewer children are walking to school and the child obesity epidemic continues to rise.  Promoting the option to walk or ride a bike to school is one way to increase exercise for school-aged children. is also excited to announce that Walk Score is the latest SchoolFinder Local Schools web service partner. Here’s a sample of how school information is included in Walk Score:

This weekend- Free Access to Local Caregivers, Babysitters, and Tutors

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

This weekend you can use’s services completely free of charge!  The Free Weekend promotion will run Friday, March, 19th thru Sunday, March 21st.

The Free Weekend begins at midnight (PDT) on the morning of Friday, March 19th and extends through Sunday, March 21. During these 3 days, will waive its regular subscription fee and allow all care-seeking families full access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality babysitters, nannies, and other caregivers for free.  Every visitor to during the Free Weekend will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of paid, premium membership for FREE: post jobs, review mom-reviewed profiles of caregivers in their area, contact care providers to schedule interviews, check references and run a free background check.

To get started with your search for local childcare providers and tutors, search for your school.  From your school’s profile on, you’ll be able to browse through local providers from our partner,  Also, feel free to go to directly to learn more about this great promotion!

Roost’s New Facebook App, Social Real Estate

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

We’re excited to spread the word about Roost‘s new Facebook application, Social Real Estate.

The application creates a “Real Estate” tab on Facebook profiles that displays city-specific housing, education info using SchoolFinder’s local school data web service, and walkability data.  It’s perfect for real estate agents and brokers to promote engagement and show off their expertise with their many Facebook connections.

Learn more about this hot new app!