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It’s National Library Week!

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

National Library Week Education_com

We’re so excited to spend the week celebrating one of our favorite community resources: libraries! The staff is unanimous about our love for our local ‘braries, and there are a ton of reasons to become a regular visitor. Why do we love a good library? We’re glad you asked.

The Books

We’ll start with the obvious one. There’s nothing we like better than a room full of books just waiting to be read. As amazing as this resource is for people of all ages, we were especially thankful for free and accessible literature as children. Libraries were the places where we figured out whether we were fans of fantasy, science fiction, or nonfiction (or all of the above!). And when we finished our first book (which, we confess, usually happened on the walk home), there was always another that we wanted to read at our fingertips.

The Librarians

Is there anything more wonderful than a person with an encyclopedic knowledge of children’s literature? We were always amazed that we could walk in with a well-read copy of Matilda to return, and walk out excited to start our librarian-selected copy of Harriet the Spy. And there was no TV show or movie that could compare with a well-articulated read aloud from our favorite librarian’s book of the week.

The Atmosphere

While a building full of books is magical on its own, there was always an otherworldly silence that set libraries on a whole different plane from our usual rough-and-tumble childhood locales. While the outside world was full of shouting, running, and hot sand, the library offered a cooling and calm oasis where we could be quiet and reflective for a while.

The Sense of Community

Libraries were a place where we got together with classmates to study, read, and pass notes. But it was also a place where we could meet new friends who liked to read the same things as we did, discover local events, and even learn about our town history through archived newspapers. Our childhood librarians did a great job of promoting awareness of free and local resources, and we constantly found ourselves leaving with plans to visit a town fair, go on a playdate, or volunteer in the community vegetable garden.

The High-Tech Bonuses

One of the advantages of living in the digital age is having free technology available at our community libraries. Most people are aware of the computer labs at their local branch, but some libraries also let you check out music CDs, books on tape, DVDs, and even E-readers. There are even available listening and viewing rooms for people who want to enjoy these resources at the library.

These are just a few of the reasons that we love libraries. Have a Happy National Library Week, and don’t forget to support your local branch!