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Posted: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


Are you familiar with JustAsk,‘s Community Q&A forum? JustAsk is a fantastic place to get questions answered by dedicated members, as well as our team of Experts – including child psychologists, pediatricians, school administrators, and bullying specialists. And now, for the very first time, JustAsk can make its way straight to your site!

That’s right: You can help parents, teachers, and teens get their toughest questions answered – from the comfort of your very own website! Easily customizable by title, topic, color, and size, this automatically updated widget keeps your page current with the newest and toughest education and parenting questions.

From your site, viewers can click any question link that catches their eye, and read the full Q&A thread on JustAsk. Not only will you be helping your visitors out with commonly asked parenting questions, we bet your site makes an impression as an up-to-date resource! To create your own personalized widget tool and place it on your website, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the fast and easy JustAsk Widget Generator.
  2. Title your widget. The default title is “Education & Parenting Questions,” but feel free to get creative! Tailor the title to your visitors. Some ideas: Get Your Homework Questions Answered, Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?, Bullying Q&A.
  3. Choose a URL to pull the questions from; tthis is how you customize a widget to a particular topic. For example, if you only want the widget to display questions about bullying and teasing, visit the JustAsk section focused on Bullying and Teasing.
  4. Change the colors. The tool is automatically generated as a pretty shade of green, but we suggest you select a color that suits your website well. The background and title text can be altered, and if you’d like, you can add an outer border to the body of the widget.
  5. Choose a size: small, normal, or customized. Pick a pre-selected size that you think works well with your site. If you’re not satisfied with one of our options, make a custom size that’s perfect for where you want it placed.
  6. Fill out or short “About You” section. We want to know your email, and the website you’re planning to put the widget on (because we’re eager to come check it out)! Worried about giving out your email? No need to fret – we won’t send you anything, except the HTML code for your widget (just in case it gets lost).

And you’re done! It takes just moments to personalize the look and feel of your JustAsk widget. Whether you want to focus on teen issues, helping kids with homework, discipline, kindergarten readiness, or a range of topics, it’s easy to hone in on topics that are important to your website’s audience.

Moreover, if you’re interested in displaying answers from a particular JustAsk Expert, you can generate a customized widget that only shows questions answered by the specific person. To do so, simply input an expert’s JustAsk profile page into the URL entry box, such as In just a few seconds, a customized widget complete with questions answered by parenting expert, TheGoToMom, will be retrieved.

Want to see the widget in action? – a leading destination for families to keep health records straight – has placed a widget with general education & parenting questions on the left-hand side of the homepage. Dr. Wayne Yankus, a community pediatrician (and one of our JustAsk Experts), has placed a widget with questions answered by him on his site. We think these are a couple great examples where the JustAsk widget works well.

Feel free to contact us at if you’re having any trouble creating or placing your custom JustAsk widget.

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