BlogHer 2011: Priceless Photos, Brilliant Blogs, and Brand New Friends!

Posted: Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


Haven't been in a photo booth in awhile! Courtesy of Pfizer.

One week later, and I feel like I’m still getting back on track after BlogHer 2011. I loved the aura of energy, enthusiasm, and genius that surrounded me on that fine weekend in San Diego, but as a blogging (and BlogHer) newbie, I have to admit: it was A LOT to handle! Luckily, I had my good friends and coworkers, Kat and Danielle, there to show me the ropes (that’s us on the left).

I’m also thankful for the new friends (and beautiful blogs!) I was introduced to. Here are some of my favorite new blog finds and insightful posts I’ve come across after scrounging through the notes and business cards that I acquired that weekend:

• Maybe one of the most well-written (and funny!) blogs I’ve come across in awhile: Mommy’s Pen. I made a mental note to check out this blog after sharing breakfast with Sue.

• Another great breakfast introduction: Chinese Grandma (aka Lilian), whose strawberry shortcake-laden business cards had my mouth watering – even on a full stomach.

• Super cool mom alert! Sandra, Founding Editor of the Albany Kid blog, is traveling the country with her kids and some friends, listing Ohio, South Dakota, Idaho, and Oregon (and San Diego!) as just some of their Summer adventures.

• How’s this for inspiring? Carrien, a woman I met at the Ford Family Picnic, runs the Charis Project, a not-for-profit that helps homes for at-risk children run businesses to support themselves and aids children with the tools to transform their circumstances.

• Perhaps my most memorable moment of the entire weekend: getting to meet (and hug!) Sarah, of the Nerdy Apple Bottom blog (and the writer of the most tear-jerking post I’ve ever read). What a beautiful – not to mention hilarious – person!

• Talk about a small world. On Day Two of the conference, I plopped myself down at the keynote from Indra Nooyi, Pepsico CEO, next to Meghan, a follow Twitter-er in charge of who I’ve interacted with many times. Nice to meet you in person, Meghan!

Whew! What a weekend. It was so great to meet tons of inspiring women and learn priceless blogging tips from the very best – and I have to admit that I loved the freebies and indoor S’more roasting as well.

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  1. Kat Says:

    Ohhhh, I thought we agreed to torch those photos! Ha ha just kidding. It was so fun being at BlogHer with you and I can’t wait to read all the blogs you noted here. Kat

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