Blogger Spotlight: Handprint and Footprint Crafts

Posted: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013


We’ve seen some very cool activities, games, and crafts floating around the blogosphere recently! To celebrate all of the great things that parenting and education bloggers have been posting, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite handprint and footprint crafts from recent blog posts.

This hand and foot print peacock activity from Rockabye Butterfly is cute and simple for young artists! Squishy paint between toes and fingers is wonderful for sensory play, too. Handprints and footprints would also make a very cute Thanksgiving turkey with a full and colorful tail!

These prints of Frankenstein’s monster from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails are adorable! A tiny footprint add just the right amount of whimsy to the title monster from Mary Shelley’s tale of horror.

This canvas handprint tree from Glued to My Crafts is a great keepsake for parents, and it acts as a perfect autumnal decoration! It’s also a nice way to preserve your child’s little handprint in a polished setting that will look good every fall.

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  1. Eusebia Tonneson Says:

    Omg, this is so adorable. Love the blog!

  2. ハイ Says:

    These kind of post are always inspiring and I prefer to read quality content so I happy to come across many good ideas, writing is simply great, thank you for the post…

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