Introducing Brainzy!

Posted: Friday, November 15th, 2013


All of us at have been having a lot of fun with Brainzy, our new educational games for early readers. We’ve had a great time seeing kids enjoy Brainzy’s humor-filled teaching moments, fun songs and colorful cast of characters!

Brainzy has a bunch of games that help kids build a foundation for a lifelong love of reading and writing, including a great selection of alphabet games. Alphabet games help young readers practice letter recognition, letter-sound matching, and reading engagement. Check out a few of Brainzy’s fun alphabet games for kids below!

Brainzy 1

Backpack Sort helps children identify different vowels in decodable words as they pack Floyd and Tutu’s backpacks for school! This alphabet game gives kids great practice with letter recognition and vowel identification.

Brainzy 2

Brainzy features learning segments that introduce kids to topics before they play educational games. Mailing Letters is a teaching moment that familiarizes kids with letters through a silly introduction video. Kids internalize the one-to-one connection between written letters and their sounds as they watch Floyd put “letters” in the mailbox.

Brainzy 3

In Dot Connect, kids must connect the dots to form a mystery letter, then hear the sound it makes. Players will love listening to Floyd and Roly’s retro rap stylings as they learn new letters!

Brainzy not only makes reading practice fun, but it also helps young children work on the skills that teachers believe are critical for future academic success. Each alphabet game reinforces a specific English Language Arts Common Core skill, and allows kids to practice each ELA “building block” in an engaging way until they fully grasp it.

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