Sound it Out with Phonics Games!

Posted: Sunday, November 24th, 2013


The staff is still having a great time with Brainzy, our new educational games for early readers! Some of our favorite Brainzy sequences are the interactive phonics games. Phonics games are perfect for teaching young readers about the sounds that letters make and how to sound out simple words. Preview our fun phonics games below!

Each phonics concept is introduced to Brainzy players with a video full of charming melodies, engaging lessons, and dancing letters! Kids will learn the vowel sounds with a song to the tune of “Ten in the Bed.”

Muggo needs help finding the word that will power his friend-making machine! Kids will need to use their phonics skills to find words that start with the given letter. This phonics game helps kids identify the onset rime, or first sound, in a word.

Brainzy players learn phonics through engaging exercises and colorful characters. Kids will learn about phonics through monster letters that appear in teaching moments and storybooks. Kids can listen to the stories to gain familiarity with letter sounds through alliteration, or read at their own pace to practice their new skills.

Brainzy not only makes reading practice fun, but it also helps young children work on the skills that teachers believe are critical for future academic success. Each phonics game reinforces a specific English Language Arts Common Core skill, and allows kids to practice each ELA “building block” in an engaging way until they fully grasp it.

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