Science Experiments at Home

Posted: Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


At first glance into the office, you might think that our employees get the most excited about coloring pages, puzzles, or cardboard box forts. But if you could see past our bulletin boards and into our hearts, you would know that the activity that gets us most revved to come to work is science experiments. We love the thrill of a good hypothesis, the satisfaction of scientific process, and that moment when a simple chemical reaction bubbles over.

Because science is a beautiful thing, we want to share some of our favorite home science experiments with you, the members. Doing science experiments at home is a fun way to combine learning, crafts, and games into one amazing activity. These home science experiments work any time of the year, but we’re especially excited to do these projects during winter break.

Our African savanna animal adaptations experiment gets your child to test a friend’s predatory abilities! Your child will simulate camouflage by using text-heavy newspaper and colorful construction paper. Not only does this home science experiment use common household materials, it also helps your child learn about animals in the savanna. Around the holidays, we like to use similar and contrasting holiday wrapping paper when we do this science experiment at home.


Make some dinosaur footprints with your child over the winter break! This simple experiment is great for little scientists who love dinosaurs. This home science experiment gets your child to recreate the trace fossilization process with coffee and flour. Your child will love seeing his homemade fossil, and you’ll get a cute keepsake of your young scientist’s hand and footprints!

One of our favorite winter break pastimes is competing in rubber band car races! This fun home science experiment challenges your child to make a miniature car out of coffee cups, rubber bands, washers, and chopsticks. Do this science experiment at home to learn about kinetic and potential energy, and to make a really cool car. We like to make a couple of these with visiting family members over the break, then have races to see whose rubber band car can go the farthest!

Have a wonderfully educational winter break, and try some of these science experiments at home!

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