Visits a Science Fair!

Posted: Friday, February 28th, 2014



This week, members of our editorial staff visited Captain Jason M. Dahl Elementary School in San Jose to act as guest judges for their annual science fair! Since we spend a lot of our time reminiscing on our own science fair projects and coming up with new ones, we were understandably stoked to be there.


Excited by the possibility of bubbling volcanoes and model solar systems, we entered the school with sharpened pencils in hand and our metaphorical judge caps on. We were delighted to see that the auditorium was filled with a range of science fair topics and experiments! The room was full of statically charged balloons, televisions covered in tinfoil, oobleck, cabbages, and the obligatory volcano or two. We even saw a few projects from our own collection of science fair activities.


The students came up with some impressive trifolds and displays, but our favorite part of the day was meeting the kids in person! We spent the majority of the afternoon speaking with energetic kids with a passion for scientific discovery. The students regaled us with tales of failed experiments, chemical reactions, and ‘ah-ha!’ moments. Everyone we spoke with learned something new and seemed genuinely excited about their science project.


A big thank you to Mrs. Feria at Captain M. Dahl Elementary for hosting us, and for the school’s young scientists for sharing their discoveries!


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