Valentine’s Day Books That Your Kids Will Love

Posted: Monday, February 3rd, 2014


Kids love Valentine’s Day for all sorts of reasons; there’s the candy, of course, classroom parties, and special surprises from friends and family. When the excitement of a heart-filled day is winding down, and a sugar crash is coming on strong, one of the best ways to show your child that you love him is with some time together and a treasured book. These picture books are new classics about unconditional love between parents and their children, and they’re perfect for your evening storytime on Valentine’s Day. Read these Valentine’s Day books with your child to celebrate your special relationship with each other.

Mama, Do You Love Me?

This sweet and simple story is a great reminder of the everlasting love of a parent. The mother in this story is constantly being prompted with the question, “Mama, do you love me?” The answer is always a resounding yes, even when the child has been bad or distant or careless. Read this story on Valentine’s Day with your child, and let him know how much you love him, no matter what.

The Kissing Hand.jpg

The Kissing Hand

This picture book tells the story of mother and son racoons who are apart for the first time. When young Chester is leaving for the first day of school, he’s nervous about being away from his mother. She gives him a very special ‘kissing hand’ so that he can feel her warmth wherever he goes. After you read this story, give your child his own kissing hand to take with him on Valentine’s Day and everyday.

Love You Forever

This book is definitely a tear-jerker for adults, but it’s a must-read Valentine’s Day book for families. The story is narrated by a child’s mother who looks after him when he’s good and when he’s not-so-good, but every night, she rocks him back and forth and declares that she’ll love him forever. As the son grows up, he learns to practice unconditional love with his mother and his own family.


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