Zombie Workbook Errors Fixed

Posted: Monday, May 13th, 2013



Education.com Zombie

The zombies have arrived at Education.com. Fast ones, slow ones, nice ones and no-ones. (Sorry — we went on a department field trip to a Dr. Seuss exhibit last week; it is clearly still with me.)

We recently published a new batch of workbooks, and Zombpocalypse was one of them. We were so excited! And then, technical issues. It happens sometimes. Anyone who downloaded the workbook early on will know that two of the pages showed up mysteriously blank:  in the middle of a history of zombies and between the anatomy of the brain and emergency survival tips.

Luckily, we’ve fixed it. The text and images are now in their proper place and the zombies are here to stay. Users who downloaded workbooks with missing pages may try downloading again.

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