Halloween Costume Ideas with Estella

Posted: Wednesday, September 25th, 2013



The staff at Education.com loves Halloween costumes! To get ready for All Hallow’s Eve, we interviewed the people at Estella, a children’s clothing company that sells and manufactures elegant and sustainable products, about Halloween costume ideas and more.

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1. What Halloween costumes are you most excited about this season? Tell us about popular Halloween costumes for little girls and boys.

This season we are really into reinvented classic costumes. Siaomimi Play’s costumes are truly works of art. The line’s designer Hilda Yim has a talent for taking classic costumes with unique and detailed pieces that are a treat to wear and a fun way for kids to unleash their creative sides.

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2. What are your favorite Halloween accessories for kids?

For those children who want a simple alternative to elaborate costumes, there are loads of fun masks, clever hats, and beautiful hair accessories that add the perfect amount of fantasy without requiring a full costume.

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3. What is the secret to making a good homemade Halloween costume?

The secret to making a good homemade Halloween costumes is to keep it as simple as possible! More often than not, your kids have the makings for a great costume hidden inside their closets, and they only need a few additions to construct a costume that’s unique, creative, and economical. These fast and fun DIY costume pieces are easy for you and your little one to make together, and you probably have most of the required materials in your personal craft supplies.

Thank you to the people at Estella for interviewing with us! Feeling inspired to make your own costume? Check out some great DIY Halloween costumes from Education.com below.

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  1. Herold Says:

    Halloween wigs are a wonderful method to create a simple costume without investing a great deal of cash. In fact, duration costumes with a wig can totally transform you in an instant.

  2. Candice Abellon Says:

    I saw some really great stuff this Halloween using paper mache, a box, or just face paint and clothes. A lot can be done with paint, paper or cardboard

  3. Miss Blaszczyk Says:

    Just discovered this site through Bing, what a way to brighten up my year!

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